How To Style A Slick Back

Here are MENSPIRE Ireland’s best tips for styling your hair in a slickback. Traditionally, this is a very difficult style to get right. However, with a little practice, the right process and some practice we know you’ll achieve the perfect look, each time!

Ok let’s get started,

What You Need


Vent brush

Matt paste

Some elbow grease!

*Ok maybe not always the last bit, but if your hair is anything like the model in our video,then you will need plenty of it !

5 Simple Steps

1 – Using a hairdryer is key, most barbers these days are using dyson hairdryers, but don’t worry you won’t need the €400 price tag just yet, grab a cheap one from Argos for €50 and follow these steps.

2 – Use the hairdryer to remove excess water first, Please guys don’t just get out of the shower and put product straight in, your better than that 🙂

3 – The hairdryer requires a certain method to work Effectively, work from the back sections to the front sections, this helps the hair beneath to dry first rather than remain wet.

4 – (Optional) use the hairdryer to heat the root of the hair, Then use the hairdryer to create volume in the hair.

5 – Lastly, use cold air for a few seconds to seal the cuticle before applying product across the top of the hair.

The techniques behind the hairdryer can vary with different hairstyles and hair types. We aim to provide more informative content for hair styling.

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