Learn How To Section Hair Correctly

Many would argue that in menʼs hair we donʼt need to “section” the hair and that itʼs over complicated, when Iʼm actual fact itʼs the foundation of any haircut. Why? Well sections are a way of planning your haircut, they map out your end result. As the old saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 

Simply put, what goes in comes out, the same principle applies to haircutting. If you just decide to pick the hair at random points and cut it with no purpose, donʼt you think this will show ? At MENSPIRE Academy we believe it teaching barbers in Dublin and Ireland, What matters when it comes to precision haircutting. 

Over the last 4 years we have developed a system that focuses on the fundamentals of beginners haircutting and barbering, more often than not, Beginners barbering in Ireland overlooks these fundamentals and jumps straight into haircutting. Imagine a mechanic that didnʼt know how to use a wrench properly? You might find your wheels falling off down the road. 

For people of all levels, whether you’re a new barber or hairstylist, watch this video of Ciaran Byrne, itʼs sectioning hair at its finest.