When Is The Right Time For A New Haircut?

Over the last 2 years we have noticed a lot of client behaviour at our barbershop/Salon in Dublin. All too often men take their hairstyle for granted, it becomes a chore rather than some R&R. We have seen everything from the fade haircut, to a long menʼs haircut, to the classic side parting and slickback here at our Dublin branch, These styles are still trending, But you could be getting a lot more. 

When you see a good stylist, they not only sell you a haircut, but they sell you theyʼre expertise and advice. Put it this way, the last time you went to the dentist, did you tell him that you needed a filling in your left premolar and a clean on your incisors ? Nope you definitely didnʼt. He most likely assessed the situation through a consultation, before offering you his two pence. So why do we command our barber to do certain things? without their advice ? Surely theyʼre the professional. 

First we must understand why, and generally itʼs a lack of trust. I mean we shouldnʼt be surprised, only 4 years ago in Dublin we were spending €10 on a haircut and getting styles similar to the men in the Cathal brugha barracks. 

Hereʼs the solution, find a menʼs barbershop or salon that focuses primarily on internal staff training, development and consultation, for once let the stylist tell you what they think YOU should have and just see how much better your hair looks. 

This is what MENSPIRE Stands for, try any of our stylists, across any branch and we guarantee it will change how you view your hair. 

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