The Sign Of A Good Barber In Dublin Starts With A Detailed Consultation

When we hear the word consultation, We automatically associate it with something our grandparents get when they go to get a health check. But hereʼs the reality, s consultation is a form of communication – physically and verbally between a stylist and a client, sounds deep ? Hereʼs why;

We all remember the old Dublin barbershop, walk through the door, take a seat on the bench, read The Herald until you hear “NEXT” – before you know it, you are hopelessly trying to explain to the barber exactly how you want your hair while he stares into the distance, thinking “I have no idea what heʼs asking for, but Iʼll nod anyway.”

Hereʼs a better scenario – you walk in, are greeted by your name, welcomed to the brand and offered a beverage while you wait. After your barber calls you by your NAME, they ask you how you feel about your hair rather than simply what you WANT with your hair – the difference here is that the former is an open question which creates a dialogue between client and barber. After understanding what you like/dislike he assesses your hairtype, headshape, faceshape and tribe.

He then offers you his suggestion on what he thinks will suit YOU, yes YOU, for once something tailored and not something the last ten guys had before you. This is modern barbering in Ireland, this is how beginners in barbering should be thought, this is how our INDUSTRY should operate. 

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