Barbering Courses For Beginners

Men’s hair has taken a huge turn over the last 5 years, and for the better. Barbering in Dublin was once a simple job and with that was very simple to learn.

Over the last few years men have changed how they look at themselves, this reflects in fashion, lifestyle, physique and of course hairstyle. So with that being said surely this has impacted the way men expect their experience to be at a barbershop or men’s salon.

Unfortunately most barbering apprenticeships are gone now in Ireland due to it taking so long for a shop owner to take their staff from beginner barber to a full fledged salon stylist. With that we see a whole range of  barbering courses for beginners, most of which unfortunately can not get you to floor level.

The main reasons for this is that it will take more than 8 weeks at merely 2 evenings a week. At MENSPIRE academy in Dublin we have found that it will take atleast 4 months and that would need to be full time; 4/5 days a week and 8 hours a day, even at that you will be at a junior barber level, but able to cut hair and earn money following completion of a barbering courses for beginners.

So our advice is invest wisely in your barbering courses for beginners, DON’T underestimate the level of skill and understanding now required to be a busy barber in Dublin City or Ireland.

Unfortunately Ireland is yet to regulate the hair and barbering industry which means that someone with zero qualifications or industry experience can charge you and teach you when selling barbering courses for beginners. Instead we urge you to do your research and know exactly what your getting before signing up to any course!

For example –

  • How long will the class be everyday, or is it once a week?
  • Will you receive a qualification, and which one?
  • Will your equipment be supplied?
  • Will I have any work experience in a barbershop environment?

These are all crucial factors before choosing a course. We hope at MENSPIRE Academy Dublin we have helped you with all your questions about barbering courses for beginners and how to become a barber.

Any questions about a career in barbering please call 0857469196 or email eduction@menspire.ie. If you are based in the UK, please visit our UK Academy for more information.


Our academy courses include live demonstrations, practical sessions, diagram training theory and philosophy with written exams and lectures.  At Menspire Academy, we pride oursevles on running the best courses for existing and aspiring barbers in Dublin.  Ranging from 1 day fundamental courses, to 6 month full-time programmes we have a course for barbers of all levels and experience. For more information on our courses, check out the details below and download our course curiculum to get a full breakdown on what we offer our students!