How To Grow As A Beginner Barber

So first of all, you must have some level of training in your locker. This craft for a long time was something you could “self teach”. Only the ignorant believe they can become competitive in today’s hair market without investing in themselves.

With this in mind, you will have some sort of confidence. This is crucial. People need to believe what you are providing or selling. So we’re going to break this down into two different methods of marketing.



Ah, our old friends Instagram and Facebook enter the room. Instagram has engulfed the barbering industry over the last 6 years. The reason for this is that it is visual and it serves as a personal or brand profile. People can very easily view your account and very quickly make a decision based on how you have visually promoted yourself.

At MENSPIRE, we have focused heavily on Instagram for digital marketing. We have accumulated over half a million followers across the brand pages. This has given us a massive advantage over our competitors, simply we have more reach.

So how do we use it ? Generally on our social media course we speak about something we call at MENSPIRE the WOW FACTOR. It consists of SUITABILITY, EXECUTION and FASHIONABLE. Our content must reflect all 3 of these at all times. Sometimes we see haircuts on Instagram that are well executed, suit the client, but aren’t fashion focused. This won’t encourage us to hit the like button. We should aspire to make people say WOW when they see our content.

Another important factor of your content is whether or not it’s INFORMATIVE. Our aim should be to build a following consisting of our clients and our industry colleagues. The WOW factor will most likely move clients into your seat, the informative content will build your profile and your own personal brand. It will reveal your industry expertise. We should aspire to one day teach hair and become an expert in our craft.

Our informative content at MENSPIRE has allowed us to travel globally teaching barbers and hair stylists alike. Our content has always been split to impress customers and students. As a beginner barber you need to stop thinking about the perfect skin fade 24/7. Start taking some time to think about how you will market that skin fade.


As a barber you will need clients, it’s the bread and butter to anyone in this industry.

Start small and think about your network, you should be offering your friends and family a small discount to get them into your seat. From then you can use your network to create more clients, here’s how.

For every customer that gets in your seat they could potentially bring 2 or 3 more. Word of mouth is crucial to your reputation. Providing the client enjoyed his experience and had a nice haircut, he will feel obliged to bring you some of his friends, family or work colleagues. This is where you need to offer them something to encourage them.

Get yourself some business cards that offer referred clients a discount, for the current client and his friends. Even if everyone brings back one client, your client list has just doubled!

We hope we have helped you become a busier barber through this blog today, our goal is to create a blog that provides free information and knowledge to beginners and experienced barbers. Helping to raise the standards of the industry in hair.


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