Guys welcome to week 3! This week has been huge for the Students on the course. As predicted we knew this week would really challenge the students, Reason is we began to work with quite advanced areas of barbering.

This week we Focused solely on “Layering”. This is a crucial element of cutting hair, it’s a massive part of every haircut, short or long, and the understanding of layering is not the hard part, it’s the execution. We always say here at MENSPIRE ACADEMY that cutting hair is easy with the right information. It’s practical

Side of hair that takes time and patience. Developing good technique takes time. That’s why our course for beginners looking to get into the barbering industry is full time, It gives the students time to process and develop good technique.

We finished this week on a high as the lads had started to feel very comfortable with the basic elements of barbering. Sectioning, grooming, comb control and scissor control.

We are truly amazed at how fast these guys are coming along, we have wanted to deliver this level of barbering to people at the very start of their career, it’s only now we get to work with young barbers, and the results are speaking for themselves. These guys are already very comfortable with certain techniques within haircutting, that even some advanced students we have seen in the past did not possess.

Have a look at the video below to get an Inside look at how this week unfolded !

Next week our episode will cover WEEK 4 // Graduating Hair.


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