Welcome to the first episode of our Academy vlog series, Our aim is to bring our followers along this journey with us. Each week we will reveal an episode that will focus on the courses that took place each week.

This video is focused on our beginners barbering course, This course is full time for 15 weeks at our barbering academy in Dublin. Derek, Alex and Chris are about to begin an epic journey into the barbering industry, After just our first week on the course the guys have gained a basic understanding of what it will take to become a successful barber or stylist in 2020.

We began the week with a lecture on “Tools of the industry”. This lecture focused on the tools we use, how we use them and why we use them. Tools have evolved massively in barbering over the last few years and we wanted to really make sure the guys got the right start in barbering.

Later in the week we delivered a lecture focused on the “Science of hair”, It’s crucial we gave the guys a good understanding of hair and scalp conditions, It’s an essential part of a beginners barbering course. It’s where students start to understand basic health and safety systems along with general knowledge of the salon.

The final part of the week was focused purely on “Building your client list” along with general customer care and hospitality. As a new barber a vital part of any barbering course is learning how to attract and retain a large clientele. It’s the bread and butter within the industry and without this knowledge, you will limit yourself in terms of financial gain. We showed the guys the first steps in building a client list along with how to consultate and treat their new found clients.

This is just week 1! We have already covered so much on this beginners barbering course in Dublin.


On week 2 we really started to get technical. We introduced the students to our first technique based lecture, we talked them through the very basics of barbering and haircutting.

We use one lecture as reference for almost everything we here at MENSPIRE IRELAND, this lecture is based around the “Fundamentals” of barbering. Once the students could digest the information we set them off cutting hair on mannequins. This was the first part of our curriculum in terms of practical cutting. The students are lead to think for themselves, Rather than follow instructions, they use the tools that we have provided them with. We feel very strongly about understanding hair and not just following a manual.

The first competed hairstyle was a one length hairstyle for a man, generally the longest style a man would wear. By working with longer lengths first we are able to really help the students build technique and confidence in an area some experience barbers still fear. A rounded stylist can Execute any hairstyle or length, not just what’s on trend.

That’s all from us for now, Stay tuned for WEEK 3, When we take the students on the next stage of understanding barbering.


Our academy courses include live demonstrations, practical sessions, diagram training theory and philosophy with written exams and lectures.  At Menspire Academy, we pride oursevles on running the best courses for existing and aspiring barbers in Dublin.  Ranging from 1 day fundamental courses, to 6 month full-time programmes we have a course for barbers of all levels and experience. For more information on our courses, check out the details below and download our course curiculum to get a full breakdown on what we offer our students!