Beginners Barbering Course Comparison


As an aspiring barber searching for a course or school to study at you are most likely full of questions and concerns. At MENSPIRE academy we want to help educate you on what barbering courses consist of and what you should expect. First of all we want you to understand that this is not something that can be mastered in 8 weeks. This craft is technical and precise, it also requires a tasteful eye and a willingness to learn.

Our aim is to revolutionise the way barbers learn how to cut hair in Ireland, In doing so we want to bring to your attention some flaws within the Irish system of barbering education currently.

Here we will give a brief example of a common barbering course across the UK and IRELAND, we will hopefully be able to show you how it will not be effective in 2020. Men’s hair has become super technical over the last few years, This has been accelerated by the demand for better hairstyles and service from men themselves.

A traditional barbering course once served a very large purpose, it would generate tonnes of Barbers very quickly and would provide students with a very small base of knowledge after some 8 to 10 weeks. This would be on a part time basis every week and would generally run during the evening. It is also very cost effective and would generally be close to €3000. For parents or guardians this is ideal as it cuts college fees in half if they’re child once wanted to pursue a degree or college course. The student can maintain a part time job in the process and study a basic level of hair. You will most likely graduate with a certificate hat has been created by the school itself and is not recognized nationally. This sounds Great right.. ? The problem is that learning how to become a barber is not as simple anymore. The market is packed with competition and the way hair is cut has now become more like women’s hair, which is a 4 year apprenticeship.

The issue is that we still view barbering as a mediocre job with a very low skill level necessary. When in fact it’s the opposite ! These day’s barbers can become extremely successful, whether It’s becoming a busy stylist in the salon or becoming an educator and teaching students, At MENSPIRE we have Directors that we’re once stylists and now work full time creatively, directing shoots, workshops and international shows.

So now we ask the question, what is the difference between the local barber and international creative director ? Both cut hair, both are barbers yet they have two Completely different lives ?!

At MENSPIRE Academy we believe in building passionate, professional barbers with a high level of understanding and technical ability, We want to change the course of barbering education in Ireland, the problem is we need longer than 8 weeks and more than two evenings a week.

Our idea of a barbering qualification is something like this – We believe it will take atleast 4 months on a full time basis. The course will be designed to teach students the Why, When and How behind hair, not just the simple dos and donts.

Over the 16 weeks students will undergo a college like experience, coming to class 4 days a week and spending one day a week in one of our salons, this will enable students to learn visually through lectures, practically learn through live models and experience how a salon or barbershop needs to operate.

We guarantee this is the only course on the market that is providing this length of time and attention to students, While also delivering the highest standard of haircutting theory and technical skill.

We have created a small Pros VS Cons list below to help you further understand the differences.

Traditional Barbering 8 Week Course



  • Cheapest on the market
  • Part time
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Easier to graduate
  • Takes less time
  • Supplies Equipment



  • Course content is outdated.
  • Doesn’t provide understanding of hair.
  • Teaches simple methods and procedures.
  • No service skills or salon efficiency.
  • No business training for increasing salary.
  • Isn’t long enough to qualify.
  • Qualification is not official or internationally recognized.
  • Educators are not recognized nationally.
  • Leaves students needing more training from other sources.
  • Means it becomes a slow process of learning.
  • Takes student over a year to be on the shop floor earning money.




  • Provides a world class level of education and content proven over 5 years of international education.
  • Is long enough for students to actually learn and qualify.
  • Educators are internationally recognized.
  • Experience teaching in over 20 countries.
  • Backed by companies like Men’s hairdressing federation and city and guilds.
  • Provides an NVQ LEVEL 2 certificate.
  • Takes students to real life salon scenarios with work experience.
  • Teaches client care and premium service.
  • Provides models.
  • Teaches the why, when and how behind hair, rather than the simple do’s and dont’s.
  • Rate per hour far cheaper than competing courses.
  • Located close to Dublin City centre.



  • Higher price tag than competing courses
  • Requires full time commitment
  • Doesn’t supply tools
  • Intensive study and application

We hope this small comparison has helped you realise the difference in barbering courses available in Ireland currently, our brand mission is to change the course of barbering education across Ireland to help the next generation of barbers become technically capable of the demands that men require in 2020.


Our academy courses include live demonstrations, practical sessions, diagram training theory and philosophy with written exams and lectures.  At Menspire Academy, we pride oursevles on running the best courses for existing and aspiring barbers in Dublin.  Ranging from 1 day fundamental courses, to 6 month full-time programmes we have a course for barbers of all levels and experience. For more information on our courses, check out the details below and download our course curiculum to get a full breakdown on what we offer our students!