As time goes by it’s a popular trend that more and more people by the mass are pursuing a career within the barbering industry . You see instagram full of people of both young and old ages taking interest and starting out building there name on a social media platform , some of these people may have just came off a course or some may just be picking up their tools up for the first time .

This begs to ask the question(s) why pursue a job in this industry ? What’s your reason for starting in the first place ? Is this something you’re passionate about or is this something your pursuing based on image or lifestyle or is it for money ? You need to be honest with yourself and make sure you’re taking this craft up for the right reasons , because it isn’t an easy job …. just because instagram portrays something a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the way it actually is . Everyone in this industry has their good days , their great days & their bad days . Even the very best of them believe it or not , so appreciate the good days , be grateful for the great days & learn , regroup and come back stronger from the bad ones .

Although this industry can provide countless opportunities also for anyone ; whether it’s travel , upskilling , creative aspects , educational based work & owning your own shop/salon . What you can achieve is endless really , but that’s only with the right attitude and reasoning toward the craft itself . There’s no such thing becoming an overnight success here , nobody goes from zero to hero from one week to the next . Like everything it’s a process and it takes time . I feel as if that’s the part that nobody likes to hear  don’t you think?  Take myself for example . If someone asked me one year ago where I would be this day one year in the future  , I would’ve said I really don’t know … but I’m proud to say I am where I am now with who I’m with now … you ask why? Because of having faith in the process that was time and trusting my ability .

This day one year ago I was coming up on leaving my previous job as a meat factory employee to go jump into the unknown and pursue my career and most importantly my passion from a young enough age . I gained interest in cutting hair when my aunt started cutting my hair in her shop as 12/13 year old back home and I always loved how I felt after it , I felt nice after the haircut , as a shy teen with low self esteem I had a little spring in my step walking out of that shop . I always appreciated art and cutting hair in its own right is an art . It just fascinated me . Manipulating one shape and mounding it into something else . What’s not to love ? I wanted a career in this craft because , I just loved the idea of cutting hair and making a new friend in the process . I wanted to make my name within the Industry known one day for the right reasons . I want to inspire others both young & old to try this beautiful craft of ours . It’s an art in itself and everything that comes with it .

I understand the beginning is scary , it’s the unknown . Us as human beings don’t like the thought or feeling of the unknown …. you don’t know whatsup t’s on the other side of it . It’s ok to be scared but if this what you’re passionate about and what you want what is there to lose ? It’s a step in the right direction right ? You’re one step closer to achieving what you want right?  So I’ll leave you with the question.


Why not go all in if this is what you want ….?


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