Beginner To Master Barber in 12 weeks
Full and part-time courses available.
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  • Consultation & Customer Service
  • How To Build And Maintain Clients
  • Salon Health and Safety
  • The Understanding Of Different Products For Mens Hair.
  • How To Use, Style And Sell Products.
  • End Of Service Procedure – (Rebooking, Product Sales And Client awareness)


  • In Depth Understanding Of Long Hair
  • Using Layering, Graduation and Lines.
  • Lectures, Demonstrations and Mannequin heads.


  • How To Use Your Clippers Effectively. Fading techniques, Line Outs and Designs.
  • How To Use, Style And Sell Products.
  • Overall Finesse Of A Haircut.
  • Beard Trimming, Line Outs.
  • Different Fading Methods – Guard Skipping and Descending Graduation.


Our goal is to produce fully trained, salon efficient stylists that will be trained in technical haircutting and advanced customer service and expertise.

Glenn McGoldrick

Creative Director

MENSPIRE Dublin opened its doors on Aungier street in October of 2017, This was a long-term goal of our Dublin Director Glenn McGoldrick. Glenn moved to St. Albans just outside London to work with the Original MENSPIRE Team in 2015. Whilst in London Glenn became heavily involved in the artistic side of the industry, He leads Industry seminars and presentations across the UK, before heading all over Europe, The USA and Canada for almost a year, leading and teaching our MENSPIRE Academy courses. Glenn’s ambition now lies within building a world-class salon and education team here in Dublin.

Patrick Brown

Stylist & International Educator

Patrick has a wealth of experience in service, hair and styling. Patrick has been cutting hair for 7 years, first women’s then men’s. This has stood to him in the barbershop environment. He is best known for his impeccable customer service and natural flair for educating. Since joining the team Patrick has climbed the ranks and secured himself a spot on our international education team. So far travelling to Greece (twice), Budapest and the UK to teach classes and work on stage at some of the top hair shows.

Feedback From Previous Students


MENSPIRE ACADEMY has been successfully training barbers and stylists globally for the last 8 years. Our education has become accessible for students easily across our 3 academies. Dublin, London and Portland USA. Our aim is to revolutionise the way beginners are educated on barbering in Ireland and change the old fashioned system of traditional training and low-level customer service.

Our goal is to produce fully trained, salon efficient stylists that will be trained in technical haircutting and advanced customer service with expertise across all the skillsets needed to be a successful stylist. Men’s grooming and barbering have changed drastically in the last five years, so much so that an 8-week barber course will simply not be sufficient training for someone to work on a shop floor anymore. 

After 12 weeks of FULL-TIME training, you will receive an NVQ level 2 barbering certificate, this is one of the most prestigious certificates you can receive. Upon completion of our Beginner Barber Course, you will be qualified to work on a shop floor which is vital. The aim is to produce barbers that will be trained in modern men’s hairdressing, something you will see within our city centres and fashion-focused shops in Dublin. 

If you want to start your career in barbering and become a MENSPIRE Academy trained stylist then this barber course is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


TERM – 12 Weeks (9 Weeks In Academy & 3 Weeks In Salon)

DAYS – Monday To Friday

TIME – 10am to 5pm


DEPOSIT – €500 (Payable Online Today)

BALANCE – €4,500 (Payment plans available)

This course is FULL TIME. We will be spending 4 days at the academy and 1 Day inside the salon. From our experience, you cannot become qualified as a barber on a part time course. Many of which are 8 weeks and 3 mornings a week. This will not suffice as a beginner barber course in 2020.

If you have some experience cutting hair and a full-time course does not suit your schedle, make sure to check out our 6 Month Development Programme.

At MENSPIRE ACADEMY our brand ambition is to revolutionise the standards of men’s hair across the industry, This course will adopt this same attitude. We are offering an NVQ level 2 in Barbering, this is a very prestigious certificate for beginners barbering and is backed by the worlds leading apprenticeship programme, CITY AND GUILDS.

YES, Our beginners course is designed to produce a junior stylist after 12 weeks of study. Of course, like anything it takes more than just 3 months to master something, But we believe that this course is the most revolutionary starting point for any beginner barber in Ireland.

First of all, Our course is 12 weeks full time, From our market research the longest course in Ireland except for this is only 10 weeks, and that’s part time.

Secondly, From our experience over the last 6 years of travelling internationally and teaching men’s hair. We have found that most beginner barbers have taken a course that is similar to what we see in Ireland, Part time and sometimes as low as 8 weeks. This generally leaves a student still unqualified and unable to earn money. This leaves a student in a position where they either have to invest in another course ( €3000 again) or to find an apprenticeship, which unfortunately doesn’t exist much anymore.

So at 12 weeks, FULL TIME at our hair academy. Our rate per day would actually be the same, except we are proposing a far higher standard of education, with enough time for the student to become comfortable as a barber and digest the information properly.

This is a career, not a course for your hobby, if you invest wisely from the start, you won’t need to buy twice.

We certainly can’t promise everyone a job, But if your a hard working, passionate student, the chances are we will offer you a job at one of our salons across Ireland or the UK.

We have had students come from one of our courses, to Educating with our International creative team across the globe. So the opportunities are endless with MENSPIRE.

We run a special offer at the start of the course for students to purchase a kit.

If not we will provide a list of tools needed for each student.

MENSPIRE is a fast growing global brand, Renowned for its Technical advantage in the industry. Our brand has positioned itself at the front line of Men’s hairdressing over the last 6 years. This beginners course for barbers will reflect this from start to finish.

Our Dublin Director, Glenn McGoldrick. Was once a victim of a low level 8 week course, He was left confused and unqualified after spending a considerable amount of money on a course, He was then told by his first employer that he was still a year away from the standard in the city centre.

This is disheartening for students after being told they would be qualified. Unfortunately Glenn had to move his life to LONDON to receive the education he desired. This course is a personal ambition of his to raise the standards of Barbering in Ireland.

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